Daisy's Wine Shop


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React.js, Redux.js, Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize

Daisy's Wine shop is an e-commerce site I worked on at Grace Hopper. I used react.js in conjunction with redux.js to create components that display, add, edit, and delete our products while communicating to our server to update the database appropriately.

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Navigating the shop

Any user can view the products and add products to their cart. Only users with an account can proceed in the checkout process.

An e-commerce wine shop site.
Implemented the functionality and style of various components of the site such as single product view, add, edit and delete a product, navigation bar, users view, and more.

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Managing your wine shop

I created an account management portal that included Google Oath authentication. In addition to user-facing account management, I created a page for admins to manage their online wine store. Admins could view users and add/edit/remove wines in their stores.