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Mapbox, React.js, Redux.js, Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize

I get to see some of the world’s best art on the streets of the neighborhood in New York. I live near Bushwick, where street art thrives. Unfortunately, street art can be up for a moment and lost forever. I worked with a team a Grace Hopper to create a web app to capture and map the best street art around the world.

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Account management

Creating an account allows users to take photos and upload them to Pentimento. Those photos are then displayed on a map for Pentimento visitors to browse. Users can also edit/delete their uploaded photos.

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Mapping your favorite artwork

I used Mapbox in conjunction with React.js to display all artworks on a map that is center in New York City coordinates. I added the view as a list functionality and gave users the ability to edit their artwork postings by updating or removing the posting.